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You Lay Your Own Luck

Patron Saint of Weights & Biases

Workit Wednesday 010: Offset Protest Drones

Design Fiction in the Act: Maniac (Ep1) The Chosen One

Jerry's Zero-G Dojo

It's Better to Burn Out

Workit Wednesday 009: Natürstol Forest Bathing Chair.

V-Suite replaces C-Suite in Fortune 500

Design Fiction in the Act: Children of Men

Mind Your Business


Workit Wednesday 008: A.Eye Wear Deepfake Glasses

(Re)Possessed Autonomous Vehicles

Getting Freaky in the Sheets

Alternate Reality Game of the Decade

Ancient Living Humans

Selfie-Aware AI Drones for Influencers

You Can't Rely On Non-Serviceable AI

Workit Wednesday 007: AR Slang Translator

Place Scent

What's your feline about CatGPT?


Nature Rules

Workit Wednesday 006: CyberHydrate Swipe Adjustable Water

You Have a Secret A.I.dmirer

Martian Domesteading

English: The Biggest Programming Language

Netflix and Chilled Blood Samples

Weatherproof & Futureproof

Workit Wednesday 005: Gesture Tracking Medicine Bottle

Home Autonomous Security

Moon Pepper

The Circuit Faith

Survivor GPT

Workit Wednesday 004: The Puppy Papers

A Sol in the Life

McHappy Mealworms

Organ Delivery in under 30 Minutes

Autonomous Take Off and Landing

Eau de Biblioteque

Blood, Sweat & Years

Workit Wednesday 003: Absorbo self-cleaning countertop

Apology Bot

A word is worth a thousand pictures.

As Seen On Twitch

Visa, Mastercard and Robux Accepted

Stay in your skate lane

Clippy GPT World Government

Workit Wednesday 002: The Case of the Hacked Smart Pillow

SpaceBnB and wine tours

Super Blood Wolf Laser Moon

Neuro’s Pizzeria

Cold Storage Wars

Artificial Intelligence is better than Real Stupid

Your Brain is your Second Brain

Workit Wednesday 001: Emozen Rectal Suppositories

You Are Not In Traffic. You Are Traffic.

Kingsford Charcoal’s Burning Man

Anti NPC Meta-Bullying Laws

Hilton Orbital Hotels

Virtualitee Menswear

Algocratic General Election

Natty Writers

Dome Sweet Dome

Dance of the Robot Apocalypse

New Year’s Resolutions from the Near Future.