Award-winning creative director Dré Labre has been shaping the advertising and media landscape with innovative campaigns since the 90s. An early pioneer in integrating AI into creative workflows since 2019, he is renowned for his imaginative thinking and futures-oriented work in design fiction. With a global readership, Dré flexes his prolific thinking at

Dré also leverages his expertise in AI, futures design, and creative direction to offer consulting services that empower teams. He collaborates on hands-on projects, leads workshops, and advises organizations on implementing AI and design fiction to enhance creativity, productivity, and strategic vision.

Dré helps businesses reinvent themselves by fusing innovation with imagination. His passion for working at the intersection of artificial intelligence, futures thinking and creativity makes him a sought-after consultant to unlock new possibilities for organizations in this rapidly changing world.

Dré is available for consultation, collaboration and camaraderie.

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Futures Designer specializing in Design Fiction. Award-winning Creative Director. Curious Generalist dabbling in whatever's new and next. AI, Web3, Metaverse, Content Creation.