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Dré - really enjoyed today's post. Almost a decade ago, I approached Netflix to see if they'd consider introducing 'health break' prompts for folks that had been binge-watching episodes on autorepeat for a certain (high) number of hours (I was working for a government agency mandated to fight chronic diseases, including sedentary behavour - I even offered to pay them per message, as a sort of A/B test to see which messaging was most effective). It took me a while to even find their Canada rep (they were only represented in Canada through a lawyer); they graciously took my call and heard my pitch - then about a week later they responded and said such an intervention would interfere with the user experience and thanked me very much. I can see a near future where ChatGPT4 would insert prompts to users that chat it up for hours on end - could even be personalized, like "hey, you often tell me about your friend Tom - you've been talking to me for a few hours now, why don't you give Tom a call and see if he'd like to hang out?"

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